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"Although we have been made to believe that if we let go we will end up with nothing, life reveals just the opposite: that letting go is the real path to freedom."

Sogyal Rinpoche

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About Me

Holistic Healer

Shane Coyle is a trauma-informed board certified addiction specialist, integrating mental health with somatic and energy work, acknowledging the four wisdom bodies of self – mind, body, spirit, and emotion. Shane believes treating the whole person is essential to an individual’s healing process. Shane uses an array of holistic modalities and approaches, rooted in Western psychology, Eastern philosophies, and Ancient teachings. Shane helps individuals foster an in-depth sense of safety, love, and belonging as a way to discover the lost parts of self and recover authenticity. This is the key to self-actualization, personal responsibility, and accountability. For nearly two decades, Shane has created, maintained, and facilitated programs/groups in multiple co-occurring disorder treatment facilities (residential, intensive outpatient) in the greater Los Angeles area. Additionally, Shane works privately with adolescence, adults, couples, and families, and leads workshops and intensive weekend retreats. Shane provides public speaking engagements (i.e. conferences, Universities).

Gary W.

“You embraced me, and offered back your gratitude, support, and most importantly, your love! To say "thank you" would be an understatement, but, indeed I am grateful from my very core.”




Breathwork is a technique shown to assist in processing trauma held within the body. Breathwork also helps release any emotional blocks, anxiety, grief, and/or anger. This approach of healing works by calming the brain which allows more body awareness. Breathwork brings one into a deeper state of consciousness.  



Tuning fork therapy is based on the concept of vibrations in the universe. Your body has rhythm and harmony. If it experiences waves that create rhythm and harmony, healing occurs. If there are unprocessed current and/or past emotions within your body it creates dissonance in your own vibrations – the body is out of tune. Everything is out of rhythm, and therefore, harmony cannot exist. Tuning fork therapy brings your body back to its healthy vibrational state and promotes self-healing.

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Trauma is stored within the body specifically effecting the nervous system. Talk therapy in conjunction with somatic work can assist individuals to become more aware of their body sensations stemming from their mental health issues. This bottom-up approach to address symptom of complex trauma is key in helping an individual develop new thinking patterns and behaviors to better respond to various experiences or emotions as they come up.

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